Drinking Coffee May Prevent Rosacea, According To Recent Study

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A new study revealed that drinking coffee is ideal in preventing rosacea which is a prevalent chronic inflammatory skin condition that makes the skin look red and flushed.

Drinking Coffee May Prevent Rosacea

Researchers from the United States and Canada analyzed about 83,000 women and gathered data on their coffee, sodas such as Coca-Cola, chocolate, and tea consumption, all of which present caffeine. However, only the caffeine from coffee showed positive results against rosacea.

The study’s report was published a couple of days ago in the journal JAMA Dermatology. According to it, those women who drank four cups of coffee or more per day presented the lowest risk of rosacea in comparison with those participants who only consume one coffee per month.

The potency of drinking coffee in preventing rosacea condition remained at the same level even after the scientists added other risk factors of rosacea into the equation.

Caffeine From Other Sources Than Coffee Is Not Effective Against Rosacea

On the other hand, no significant connection has been found between caffeine from other sources than coffee (such as tea, chocolate, or sodas, among others) and rosacea prevention. Additionally, decaffeinated coffee is also useless in preventing the before-mentioned skin condition.

The new study undermines other previous results that indicated coffee as one of the possible risk factors for rosacea, that besides other hot beverages, spicy foods, intense physical activity, hormonal imbalances, and too much sunlight exposure. According to the researchers of the new research, the results of the previous studies caffeine and rosacea were unsubstantiated.

The new research also revealed that drinking coffee is able to lessen the symptoms of rosacea thanks to caffeine’s vasoconstrictive and immunosuppressant properties, even though, according to the scientists, some further research might be required to clearly comprehend the link between caffeine and preventing rosacea skin condition.

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