Olive Oil Might Be Essential For Obese People To Avoid Heart Attacks And Stroke

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Obese people could take a step in the right direction if they add olive oil to their diet. A new study suggests that severely obese patients who used olive oil at least once per week enjoyed a lower platelet activity.

In plain terms, that means that their blood was noticeably less thick, which lowered the risks of blood clots formation, the prime cause of heart attack or stroke. While the research notes that olive oil could be beneficial, it couldn’t provide concrete evidence.

As the study was observational, the researchers weren’t preoccupied with the links between cause and effect. One of the researchers noted that red meat, vegetables, and fruit did not seem to impact the activity of the platelet. Exercising also didn’t seem to lead to any apparent benefit in this case.

The contextual evidence hints that the olive oil possesses the anti-clotting effect which was observed during the study. Olive oil is a crucial part of the Mediterranean diet, and several past studies suggest that the Mediterranean diet can dramatically reduce the potential of heart disease and stroke.

Olive Oil Might Be Essential For Obese People To Avoid Heart Attacks And Stroke

The study observed some 63 healthy adults who were affected by severe obesity. According to international health guidelines, a person is classified as obese if his/her BMI reaches 30 or higher.

The participants were asked to fill surveys which focused on their daily dietary habits, with a focus on including diet and lifestyle.

The team used the data collected from the participants to observe how their platelets reacted when they were exposed to an agonist, namely a substance which can increase blood clots occurrence. As previously mentioned, those who consumed olive oil at least once a week featured lower platelet activity — the bigger the intake of olive oil, the lower the risks of blood clots appearance.

The results suggest that a healthy lifestyle has the potential to boost your health in ways that aren’t obvious. Further research is needed to prove the efficiency of olive oil in the long run.

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