Turmeric Is Beneficial For Health – Here’s Why

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A rediscovered spice, turmeric, is taking the world by storm after several studies claim that it has positive effects on the body. Most health gurus will tell you that green tea leaves are the best when it comes to the number of antioxidants. That may be true, but they are also rich in caffeine, often being on par with a full cup of coffee. While that might be great for some, others would prefer a more relaxing afternoon drink.

Brewed with the help of cold-pressed turmeric juice and vegetarian milk (coconut, almond or cashew) turmeric lattes are incredibly popular among those who value their health. Below you can find some of the advantages offered by this golden spice.

Turmeric is extremely beneficial for health

It helps you look better

Turmeric has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which can drastically remove redness and skin irritation. A robust antibacterial trait makes it a reliable alternative for those that are affected by acne and psoriasis.

A nice boost for the brain

A compound named curcumin, which is found in the brain is very beneficial for that organ. The substance can slow the progress of Alzheimer ’s while also boosting the overall memory capacity of the brain.

Turmeric is excellent for muscle pain

Those anti-inflammatory properties will also work on your tired body, reducing the joint and muscle pain. It will also help you combat that annoying soreness which appears after an intense workout session.

Slowing diabetes down

A recent study has shown that turmeric can slow down the progress of Type 2 diabetes by bringing blood glucose levels down and effectively forcing insulin resistance to make a U-turn.

Keep colds at bay with turmeric

Yes, turmeric is also able to protect your body from infections, mitigating the chance of diseases that can affect the gut. Those that are affected by a cold or flu can take warm milk mixed with turmeric to boost their immune system.

It reduces the amount of ‘bad’ cholesterol

Turmeric can reduce the amount of blood cholesterol, which is often blamed for the apparition of heart disease.

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