Dietary Fiber Promotes Healthier Gut Bacteria In Heart Patients

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According to a new study, dietary fiber promotes healthier gut bacteria in heart patients. Besides, dietary fiber lowers the risks of death from cardiovascular conditions or the need for a heart transplant. A diet rich in fibers, included in foods like cereals, vegetables, fruits, dried peas, lentils, grain, and nuts, is excellent for human health.

“Our gut microbiota is composed of trillions of microorganisms that have the potential to affect our health. Previous research has reported reduced biodiversity of microbes in the gut of patients with heart failure patients. Today we show for the first time that this is related to low fiber intake,” explained the leading author of the study, Dr. Cristiane Mayerhofer.

According to the researchers, there is a connection between the diet, gut bacteria, and cardiovascular conditions. Accordingly, heart patients should consume more dietary fiber to avoid getting worse.

Dietary Fiber Promotes Healthier Gut Bacteria In Heart Patients

“The study showed an important pathway that connects diet, microbial activity and cardiovascular disease. It would be prudent for patients with heart failure to limit their meat intake to two to three times a week,” added Dr. Cristiane Mayerhofer.

For their study, the scientists analyzed 84 patients with chronic heart failure and compared the results with those from 266 healthy patients. The researchers compared the gut bacteria of the two groups from stool samples. They did that by sequencing genes in stool samples to analyze the gut bacteria differences between patients with heart diseases and healthy individuals.

“Our findings suggest that the altered microbiota composition found in patients with chronic heart failure might be connected to low dietary fiber intake. If these findings are confirmed in future studies, my advice will be to choose foods high in fiber such as cereals, fruits, and vegetables to stimulate a healthy gut flora,” concluded Dr. Cristiane Mayerhofer.

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