Earth Core Leaking for 2.5 Billion Years

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It has been discovered that the Earth’s core has been leaking for billions of years and scientists are puzzled by the phenomena. The molten core is located at the very center of the planet and consists of liquid metal that burns at temperatures between 4400 and 6100 degrees Celsius. The massive concentration of iron and nickel is burning away 6000 km from the surface.

Due to the core’s metal composition, it is the primary force that dictates the planet’s electromagnetic field. Seeing that the core has been leaking for about half the planet’s lifetime, there is no answer to whether this is good or bad.

Matter Exchange

A study has been conducted to try to figure out the effects that the magma leak is having on the planet itself and the surface environment. The most obvious factor has been produced, that the core and the Earth’s mantle are producing an exchange of matter that has been going on for a couple of billion years.

The international team involved in the study have commented on the exchange of matter. They say that volcanic activity, that results from core matter bursting out, is the main cooling mechanism the planet has.

Interaction causes and effects

Certain interactions between the core and the mantle might be linked with the formation of volcanic landmasses such as Iceland and Hawaii. The formation of the islands might have been caused by the mantle’s inability to control the matter it received from the core.

The interaction between the two elements of the planet is thought to have changed the chemical composition of the mantle. As deep rock samples have evidenced tungsten isotopes, which are native to the Earth’s core.

One theory for the matter exchange is that elements from the surface are actually making their way to the core. The surface material is rich in oxygen, which is causing the core to burst material upwards. Something which may seem plausible as the core’s spin has calmed it since the formation of the planet and it’s otherwise quite balanced.

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