NASA’s Hubble Telescope: Jaw-Dropping Photo Unveils Spiral Galaxy Like Milky Way

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NASA’s Hubble Telescope took an amazing side-on view of a distant galaxy NGC 3432 which is a spiral cluster similar to our Milky Way.

The galaxy NGC 3432 is located in the constellation of Leo Minor 

According to, “galaxy NGC 3432 sits in the constellation of Leo Minor or the Lesser Lion in the northern sky”.

This galaxy is a spiral cluster, and it’s pretty similar to our Milky Way, “with spindly arms full of stars and cosmic material coiling around a central point,” says the same online publication mentioned above.

In an extraordinary NASA Hubble telescope picture, NGC 3432 was captured from a side-on view.

The photo is showing a long and bright streak of light and gas which is stretching against space’s darkness.

The spiral galaxy is similar to our Milky Way 

The online publication cites data from the European Space Agency (ESA), which operates the Hubble Telescope with NASA:

“Believe it or not, this long, glowing streak, speckled with bright blisters and pockets of material is a spiral galaxy like our Milky Way. But how could that be?”

It seems that these are spiral galaxies just as Milky Way. These are the most common type of galaxies found in the Universe and they account for about 2/3 of all the galaxies that have been discovered so far.

ESA continued and said the following: “It turns out that we see this galaxy, named NGC 3432 oriented directly edge-on to us from our vantage point here on Earth. The galaxy’s spiral arms and bright core are hidden and we instead see the thin strip of its very outer reaches.”

Also, according to ESA: “Dark bands of cosmic dust, patches of varying brightness and pink regions of star formation help with making out the true shape of NGC 3432 – but it’s still somewhat of a challenge.”

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