Asteroid Frenzy: The U.S. Goes Ballistic Following Scientist’s Huge Tsunami Warning Revealed By More News Outlets

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The whole US went crazy these days, following a warning revealed by a really popular scientist.

Neil deGrasse Tyson warned what would happen if a huge rock did crash into earth.

A scary scenario

As you may already know, the famous expert is an American astrophysicist and author. He revealed his research during a public lecture with Ryan Watt in San Francisco in 2008.

He said: “In the era of observing the cosmos with technology, this will be the closest biggest thing we will ever see. The orbit we now have for it is uncertain enough, because these things are hard to measure, we cannot tell you exactly where that trajectory will be.”

He continued and said that “We know it won’t hit Earth, we know it will be closer than the orbiting satellites. But there is a 600-mile zone – we call it the keyhole – and if the asteroid goes through the middle of that it will hit the Earth 13 years later. It will hit 500 miles west of Santa Monica.”

He was referring at a space rock that would fall into the Pacific Ocean and would “wipe out the entire west coast of North America”, according to the scientist.

The asteroid is called Apophis 99942 and it is a 370-meter-wide near-Earth space rock that has caused a short period of concern back in December 2004.

No Doomsday is on its way – at least not in our lifetime 

It’s crucial to mention the fact that all these are only speculations, and NASA revealed precise numbers to eliminate panic.

It’s important to note that back in 2008, NASA unveiled that the chance of Apophis impacting Earth in 2036 was 1 in 45,000.

More than that, since then, the risks have been recalculated and the possibility of such a disaster became even lower.

So, we suggest that you don’t freak out and start panicking, regardless of the bombastic titles.

Speaking of asteroids, it’s been also reported that a space rock huger than the all so-known Empire State Building will shoot towards our planet, but it will pass it. The event will take place this Saturday.

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