Human Mind Remains Conscious After Death

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There have been made countless theories in regards to what happens to us, especially our consciousness after we die. A team of researchers attempted to answer this question and concluded that a person does not stop being conscious of the moment the body dies.

The team of scientists from New York University Langone School of Medicine had as subjects a large number of patients that went into cardiac arrest and had not shown any life signs for a few moments, before being brought back to life.

Many of these patients went through near-death experiences, claiming that they were conscious at the time that their heart stopped working and that they heard the doctors in the hospital room doing everything in their power to resuscitate them and even pronouncing their time of death. This means that only the body dies, but the mind remains fully conscious. Also, the people that came back from the dead came back transformed into better persons.

Human Mind Remains Conscious After Death

As it is well known, a person is dead when the heart stops functioning. With the heart no longer sending the blood to the brain, the brain should also stop working almost immediately. In spite of that, patients still declared that they were not or that their mind was not.

This is what made the researchers investigate the matter of a person being conscious even though the body was pronounced dead. By figuring out what happens in the first minutes after death, maybe we can understand what happens to us all when we die and also what processes are happening in the brain in those moments. In 2013 another team of scientists discovered that there is a ‘burst of brain energy’ a few moments after the heart stops beating.

All these findings lead to a single question that scientists do not know how to answer it: If the body dies, does it mean that the thought is not a process of the brain, but comes from a spiritual consciousness?

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