SpaceX Marks A Huge Success: Starhopper Prototype Mars Rocket Flew Higher & Longer Than Ever

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SpaceX has flown its prototype rocket higher and longer than ever before and this important milestone was achieved yesterday.

This test took place yesterday, on August 27 and it was able to push the company one step further to the huge dream that they have – sending cargo and humans to Mars.

This rocket is called Starhopper and this is the prototype for SpaceX’s vehicle that’s called Starship.

The company has been making huge efforts to build a rocket that should achieve the goal of taking 100 people on space flights.

Starhopper marks a huge achievement

Just the other day, CNBC has revealed that SpaceX wanted to fly Starhopper to 500 feet altitude. The rocket returned back to the pad from where it has been launched.

The tweet below is showing how the test flight looed like. It’s also exciting to see that it lasted under one minute.

Also, Elon Musk who is the founder and CEO of SpaceX tweeted a message to praise this huge achievement.

Musk received positive feedback.

Someone said: “Congrats to .@elonmusk and .@SpaceX team for making this giant leap for humankind. Now the time couldn’t be better to give a presentation of technically final version design of #Starship # BFR. I waited for 3 years and super excited to see its coming now.”

A Twitter user posted: “OMG!!! It was WOW Elon!!! Really so amazing to watch, so Futuristic, much better than in the cinema!! I’m so glad I’ve watched it!!! Very Big Congratulations to you all!!! You are Really Making Fantastic Future Real!!! WOW!!”

Someone else shared: “It feels like Usan Bolt pulling away from all other rocket companies, and it is getting faster and further, and it is not 100m run, but 65mil km super marathon to Mars! Don’t stop, don’t slow down @SpaceX team. You are the best!”

CNBC notes that “Starhopper has just one Raptor engine. The final version of Starship will have multiple Raptor engines, while the Super Heavy booster that launches it will have as many as 31 Raptor engines.”

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