Anxiety and Stress – Don’t Let the Quarantine Become a Prison

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We are all facing a double danger—the coronavirus out there and the isolation inside. We can’t do much to stop the pandemic. We can only stay in the separation from other people. And there are things we can do to stay in one piece, safe from the virus, anxiety, and stress while passing this test.

It is essential to avoid getting to that point where you feel lonely. Loneliness has a significant impact on our psychological wellness and also on our physical one. Lonely people have a weaker immune system, and they can catch the flu easier.

People who have less than four contacts with others over two weeks are more exposed to the immune deficit than those with six or more connections over the same period, a previous study revealed. But we can’t do that anymore, can we?

How to fight anxiety during this quarantine

There are things to cheat the system. Creating the illusion that we are still in contact with those dear and vital to us helps a lot. It isn’t the same, but it is the closest. Using online video-applications can come close to the real deal. Families, lovers, friends all over the world did it since before the pandemic. Having to deal with long-distance relationships. And they managed it. It’s also advised to seek help for yourself as well after going through such a traumatic experience that definitely triggers massive amounts of stress. Such therapeutic advice is usually offered by a well-prepared counselor from

You can have morning coffee with your mom or lunch chats with your best friend or with a friend that you haven’t spoken in decades. You can have cocktail hours with another couple if you are married, or romantic dinners with your lover if you aren’t living together. You can play board games such as Monopoly and rummy with your brothers and friends. Or Yams with you have too many of those. You can watch movies together, hold book groups. You can play a videogame.

And don’t forget to call your parents, grandma and/or your grandpa. They might not be so familiar with online applications, and for sure, they experience the need to feel that they belong. It’s all about belonging and continuity. Don’t let go of those and fight anxiety and stress!

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