NASA Celebrated the Apollo 13 Mission With an Interesting Documentary

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Apollo 13

The 13th of April 1970 is the launch date of the Apollo 13 mission, which has become a landmark after the apparition of the “Houston, we’ve had a problem” quote. To celebrate this “successful failure,” NASA has launched a series of documentaries and several activities online to help their fans celebrate the event.

Fifty years ago, a crew of three astronauts was forced to face an explosion in the service module of their home, the spacecraft. Because of a lack of resources, they needed to make a four-day trip back to their homes using less water and oxygen than it would be necessary.

All of the members were brought back home safe and sound with the help of the NASA’s Mission Control and the team all around the world. Two of the astronauts, Fred Haise and Jim Lovell, are still alive, while Jack Swigert died 12 years later from cancer.

The new documentary from NASA that celebrates the Apollo 13 mission

Because of the ongoing pandemic, NASA cannot celebrate half a century since this tragic event resulted in a successful experience. Therefore, to avoid public manifestation, NASA has organized some activities for fans, who can follow online the progress of the mission and commemorate the events.

On the 10th of April, NASA launches the documentary “Apollo 13: Home safe” on their official YouTube channel. The document includes references regarding the German outbreak of measles and an unfortunate reference to the traditional perception of the 13th day as being an unlucky day in the Western culture.

The 30-minutes documentary features interviews from Haise and Lovell, as well as from the directors of the Mission Control flight, Gene Kanz and Glynn Lunney. In addition to this, NASA has also incorporated footage from the archive. To get a proper insight into the Apollo 13 mission, you can turn on the pop-ups form NASA’s official site to receive the mission’s milestones in real-time.

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