Eat Mushrooms For a Nutritious and Balanced Diet

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Did you know that there are over 1,600 types of mushrooms, but only 100 of those species have been approved for human eating, and 33 species are explicitly farmed for human consumption across the world? They’re exceptional! Mushrooms prove to be an excellent source of a variety of nutrients in addition to having a low-calorie count. These nutrients include minerals, B vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. That is really incredible, isn’t it?! Consumption of edible mushrooms has been connected to a wide variety of health advantages, including enhancements to the health of both the digestive tract and the brain, as well as protection against high blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, some malignancies, and much more.

Learn more about mushrooms and some of the benefits they offer below!

Mushrooms Have Been Shown to Have Anti-inflammatory Effects

It has been demonstrated that a number of the bioactive substances that may be found in mushrooms display anti-inflammatory actions, which may protect the body against a variety of diseases. The greatest part is that these delectable treats include beta-glucans, which control cytokines, which are pro-inflammatory molecules that are associated with systemic inflammation that lasts for a long time. Neat!

There Is Some Evidence That Mushrooms Can Help Ease Blood Pressure Regulation

According to an analysis of previously conducted studies, mushrooms are known to possess bioactive chemicals that can lower blood pressure. Some of these substances can relax blood arteries, which in turn increases blood flow throughout the body.

The Health of the Brain is Highly Supported by Mushrooms

In a study conducted in Singapore, up to 663 people over the age of 60 participated in the research. Adults who consumed more than two servings of mushrooms per week had a lower risk of developing cognitive impairment when compared to participants who ingested mushrooms just a few times per week.

Mushrooms Nutritional Details

If you eat mushrooms regularly, you might be getting a lot of the nutrients that you need. For instance, one cup of raw-cut brown or crimini mushrooms offers the following:

  • 3.1 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1.8 grams of protein
  • 4.32 milligrams of sodium
  • 0.432 grams of fiber
  • Zero grams of fat
  • 18.7 micrograms (mcg) of selenium (34% of the Daily Value)
  • 15.8 calories in total

And here’s something that’s genuinely intriguing: The intake of mushrooms that had been subjected to ultraviolet (UV) radiation in order to raise their vitamin D levels to 200 international units (IU) per serving also rose by 67–90%!

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