Welcome, Autumn! Shorter and Darker Days Are Coming

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The lengthy days of summer are way behind us, and from here on, each day will be shorter than the one before it. It is now autumn, the season of transition, when the leaves on the trees are changing to magnificent hues, signaling the time to pull out your most comfortable and cozy coat as well as that TV show that you enjoy watching so much while sipping tea. Could we have asked for anything more perfect? Despite how wonderful that could be, some of you might be curious about some adjustments. For instance, have you ever pondered the reasons behind the shorter days and earlier sunsets that accompany the arrival of fall? It is possible that this is a trick, but here’s the thing. Our planet knows best!

The variation in the length of the day that occurs from one season to the next might be either more or smaller, depending on your location on the globe. Continue reading down below.

That is not a haphazard occurrence; instead, there is a purposeful explanation for why it occurs. People who live in the northern hemisphere, for example, have longer days and shorter nights in the summer, and the reverse occurs in the winter. People who live in the southern hemisphere, on the other hand, have longer days and shorter nights in the summer, and the contrary occurs in the winter. So, autumn bringing shorter and darker days is, well, not surprising at all!

The tilt of the Earth’s axis during autumn causes the northern half to lean away from the sun somewhat while the southern half tilts slightly more toward the sun. Because of this, the length of the days begins to shorten for us while they lengthen for the other 50% of the planet. Really interesting, don’t you think?

In point of fact, daylight saving time will happen again this year. On November 5, 2023, Daylight Saving Time will come to an end. As part of the standard procedure for the time change that occurs twice a year, most people in the United States will be required to “fall back” or adjust their clocks by one hour.

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