13,000 Years Ago a Comet Triggered Something on Earth; Find Out What

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The climate shifted drastically after pieces of a comet collided with the atmosphere of Earth thousands of years ago, which resulted in the extinction of the plants and creatures that had relied on the previous environment. Imagine the effects that would have on our world now. The comet detonated with a boom that could be heard for miles, and the resulting shockwaves reached our planet, where they brought down trees and buildings. It is quite intriguing, yet it gives you the creeps! Recently, a team of experts looked into the comet’s case and found much more.

Discover the full story below.

New evidence reveals that the beginning of agriculture was sown in Syria 13,000 years ago when the planet was struck by a comet. This was an essential adaptation that improved the population’s prospects of survival and was vital.

These data include changes in building architecture, diet, the early stages of persistent cultivation of domestic-type grains and legumes, […] and the initial penning of livestock, marking the beginning of sustained agriculture and animal domestication, stated the researchers.

It is important to note that comparable cracks show up in quartz that has been affected by nuclear blasts in the air, even in the absence of an impact crater. This has significant repercussions, as it suggests that fragmentation of an asteroid or comet that occurs close enough to the surface of the Earth might likewise induce similar cracks by sending shockwaves all across the planet.

The team believes the alterations that were caused by the fragmentation of the giant comet were around 100 kilometers wide. It is also thought that this event was the catalyst for significant changes in the climate in the northern hemisphere. As a direct consequence of this, there is no longer any shadow of a doubt that something fundamentally altered the manner in which those in Abu Hureyra went about their daily lives.

Just for a moment, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a hunter-gatherer living about 13,000 years ago. We are just going about our regular activities, such as hunting or collecting berries, when all of a sudden, a massive ball of fire materializes in the sky above us. Crazy!

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