Coffee vs. Weight Management – Could Coffee Help You Stay Fit?

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Over the course of four years, those who consumed an additional cup of coffee each day acquired 0.12 kg less weight than was anticipated. The addition of sugar led to a weight gain that was nine-tenths of a kilogram more than what was anticipated over a period of four years. However, these particulars are not only provided to generate some hype. They are, in fact, supported by scientific evidence. One question that was investigated by a team of researchers was whether or not increasing one’s coffee consumption by one cup per day led to a greater or lesser amount of weight gain compared to individuals whose consumption remained unchanged. That is rather interesting, isn’t it?

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First, the data suggest a correlation but do not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. This indicates that the study did not successfully establish that drinking coffee is the real explanation for the difference in weight. Instead, it demonstrates that the two shifts were noticed jointly throughout the course of time. Again, this is not a subject that shouldn’t stir buzz.

In three trials, the participants were asked to complete a baseline questionnaire as well as an additional questionnaire once every four years to evaluate their consumption of food and drink. Researchers analyzed changes in coffee consumption as well as changes in the individuals’ expressed weight at four-year periods using integrated datasets. Coffee consumption was analyzed first, followed by self-reported weight.

The data on weight were not very conclusive. On the basis of just one cup of coffee, the average weight increase that was avoided over a period of four years was 0.12 kilos, which is approximately 30 grams each year.

Should I give coffee a go to see if it helps me lose weight?

The typical safe daily intake of caffeine for an adult is about 400 milligrams. That’s the same as having two shots of espresso, four cups of instant java, or eight cups of tea in one sitting. Because shedding some pounds can be affected by a variety of factors, you shouldn’t become overly excited about the relationship between coffee and weight that was emphasized in this recent study, nor should you raise the amount of coffee you drink to unreasonably high levels.

Talk to your primary care physician or see an authorized practicing dietitian if you require individualized advice on your weight. You may learn more about the recent study here.

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